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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Resources

For those looking to elevate diversity and inclusion as a personal priority or for their organizations: below we listed DEI resources such as UF’s departments and campus support/affinity groups. We included descriptions and contacts if you want more information.

Warrington DEI Student Groups

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA): 

  • ALPFA is the nation’s oldest and largest Latino professional association. ALPFA expands opportunities for students who seek careers in diverse fields in every sector of the economy by empowering them to develop as leaders of character.


Black Students in Business (BSiB): 

  • The Black Student in Business (BSiB) is an organization founded on the principle that in order to truly encourage diversity, we must encourage inclusivity. This UF chapter is dedicated to providing professional development and networking services to the community of future black business professionals. 

    • Instagram: @ufbsib


Diversity in Banking and Securities:

  • Diversity in Banking and Securities is established for the purpose of building a community of diverse UF students interested in pursuing internships and careers in Investment Banking, focusing on minority students who might not see the field as an option due to their backgrounds. 

    • Instagram: @dbs_uf

Florida Hispanic Finance Association:
  •  The Hispanic Finance Association is an organization that helps undergraduate students receive competitive job offers. We hope to increase Hispanic representation in the financial services industry through education and one-on-one mentorship, empowering the next generation of leaders.

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Florida Women in Business: 

  • Florida Women In Business (FWIB) is a professional development organization that gives women the tools to succeed and break down barriers in college and beyond. Its vision is to empower women in a supportive environment and provide each member with a unique experience. 


Global Business Society:

  • Global Business Society’s mission is to promote interest in international affairs and business topics among the UF student body. Attend GBS meetings & events to develop intercultural skills that will help you succeed in studying, interning, or working abroad.


Latin American Women in Business:

  • The Latin American Women in Business is best described as an organization that is dedicated to the professional development, relationship building, and personal growth of Latin American women that aspire to work in the business sector.


Hispanic Business Student Association: 

  • HBSA seeks to create a network where Hispanic students can connect, share experiences, and feel extra support within the MBA program and to welcome non-Hispanic MBA students who would like to learn more about Hispanic cultures and experiences

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IDEA Committee

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (IDEA) committee is an advisory group made up of students to advance initiatives promoting DEI and an inclusive environment

Rineha Ramesh


Amy Zhang


Samantha Jayakody


Anthony Del Cuadro


Angelli Kumari Devi

UF’s Center of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement:

This is a department which provides resources to enhance and promote intellectual and personal growth of students to explore and define their complex cultural and intersectional identities.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi Affairs (APIDA): 

By focusing on leadership development, providing educational dialogue focused on the complex heritage of Asian Pacific Islander Americans, and being a voice for the APIA community at UF, APIA Affairs will empower its community members to take a more active role in shaping their experiences at the University of Florida and beyond.

Black Affairs:

They coordinate an array of educational, cultural, and social programs focused on the Black experience at the University of Florida, the United States, and across the African diaspora. 

Hispanic-Latino Affairs (HLA):

Aims to support, empower and advance the Hispanic-Latino/a community at the UF. By offering culturally and historically relevant programming and initiatives, as well as spaces that welcome all forms of Latinidad and the broader community, HLA educates and forges solidarity between the Hispanic-Latino/a community and its allies.

LGBTQ+ Affairs:

Recognizing that sexual identity and gender identity and expression work through and are influenced by race, ethnicity, culture, age, disability, class, faith, and other social characteristics, they offer support and educational programming that incorporate principles of social justice to reduce heterosexism, genderism, homophobia, and transphobia in all of their forms on the UF campus and beyond.

UF International Center:

The center provides leadership, support, and visibility for assuring success for the international efforts of the University of Florida. 

Student Unions

UF Black Student Union (BSU):

Founded in 1968, the BSU strives to create, cultivate and challenge the University of Florida and Gainesville community. A social organization and support system for Black students at UF. The organization grew into serving as a voice for issues affecting Black students on campus.

  • Instagram: @uf_bsu

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UF Asian American Student Union (AASU): 

  • Seeks to promote Asian and Asian American Awareness at the University of Florida. Dedicated to educating on Asian American issues, history, and culture through creative and stimulating events. In addition, AASU strives to be the premier source of political and social advocacy.

  • Instagram: @ufaasu

UF Asian American Student Union (AASU): 

  • Seeks to promote Asian and Asian American Awareness at the University of Florida. Dedicated to educating on Asian American issues, history, and culture through creative and stimulating events. In addition, AASU strives to be the premier source of political and social advocacy.

  • Instagram: @ufaasu

Chinese American Student Association (CASA):

  • The Chinese American organization strives to promote the Chinese and Chinese American heritage at the University of Florida campus and in the Gainesville community through social and community events. 

  • Instagram: @ufcasa

The Filipino Student Association (FSA):

  • FSA is known for its dance, culture, and sports programs. From the Def Talent Jam dance competition in the fall to the Barrio Fiesta cultural show in the spring, FSA hosts a wide variety of events that immerse its members in Filipino culture, both modern and traditional.

  • Instagram: @uffsa

Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA):

  • The KUSA strives to unite the Korean/Korean American community and promote the visibility of Koreans and Korean Americans on campus as well as in the greater society.

  • Instagram: @uf.kusa

Vietnamese Student Organization (VSO): 

  • The Vietnamese Student Organization’s purpose is to promote and share Vietnamese Culture, engage in community service, and enrich its members by developing leadership, citizenship, fellowship, and encouraging academic excellence. 

    • Instagram: @ufvso

Hispanic Student Association (HSA): 

Pride Student Union: 

  • A Student organization at UF that provides and maintains an open, safe, and inclusive atmosphere for LGBT+ students and allies at the University of Florida. Strives to support, educate, and  build community between members of the University of Florida, allies and surrounding communities with regards to LGBT+ community's issues and concerns.

    • Instagram: @ufpsu

Women Student Association: 

  • Represents a diverse group of student leaders whose mission is to empower women by: building an extensive women’s community consisting of students, alumni, and positive role models, providing leadership opportunities and personal development training, raising awareness of women’s issues, and strengthening the character of its members through social responsibility.

  • Instagram: @ufwsa

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